Will-Writing Service

It has been estimated that at least 67% of the adult population have not made a Will. Many people assume that the people close to them will benefit upon their death without one, but sadly this is not always the case. Take control of your affairs and make a Will today to protect the interests of the people that you care about.


Many adults who have made a Will in the past do not realise that their circumstances have changed, or that there may be technical issues with the drafting of their Will which mean that it could fail at probate, leaving the deceased person intestate. Review your Estate Planning today to make sure that what you intend to happen is possible.


Modern life can be unpredictable and so can people! Many people use Trust Planning within an Estate Plan and/ or as part of their Will to safeguard financial resources from the unknown and to cascade wealth to future generations. Trusts can help you to maintain control over who potentially benefits from your estate, and when, to keep your hard earned Wealth in tact and reduce wastage. Talk to a specialist today about how Trust Planning can help you protect your family and control your finances.


We are lucky enough to live in a society where people are living longer and longer, and we can survive accidents or incidents of ill health which one might not have survived in the past. As a result there are significantly more people experiencing life with "reduced capacity" than in the past. Did you know that while you are well you can make Powers of Attorney documents ready so that if you unfortunately became incapacitated, the people you choose can be appointed to act on your behalf? 


Prepare Powers of Attorney today to protect your interests and ensure that your affairs are dealt with as you would wish if you became unable to manage your affairs yourself.


These important matters are easy to deal with when you work with a Specialist who can help you keep command of your affairs. Pegasus Wills Advisors are fully trained, examined and regulated by the Society of Will Writers and insured to offer Estate Planning advice to you.


PLEASE NOTE: This service is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.     

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